SlimgenicsThough its name was officially changed in 2009, many still know what could be the world’s most expensive diet plan as Slim4Life.

Slimgenics is found exclusively in the Denver, Colorado and St. Paul, Minnesota areas, and technically, it does focus on foods that you can find in the grocery store and a healthy exercise plan. That’s the face that Slimgenics presents to the world anyway.

Once you get into the fine details, you find out that actually, Slimgenics also focuses on meal replacement and random supplements such as omega supplements that supposedly help you to burn fat. But there are a few things that are a bit questionable at best.

Slimgenics Markets to Children

We’re fully aware of the growing obesity rate among children. But Slimgenics sells to children as young as 10. Especially when it involves supplements, most know better. Most supplements have not been tested on children, because children’s bodies are still developing.

And most parents are actually encouraged to focus on healthy living, rather than putting the idea of developed diet plan into kids’ minds at that early an age.

Slimgenics Focuses on Prepackaged Meal Replacements

These are not full meals, but rather meal replacements. And while protein bars and shakes typically taste better than the prepackaged meals, it is the same concept and it comes with the same problems.

It is unsustainable, and you cannot find these bars at any grocery store. It’s a simple way to keep prices high and customers dependent.

Slimgenics Focuses on Supplements without Information

Slimgenics does not provide ingredients lists, supplement facts, or anything of the sort, which is essential to determining whether or not products work.

But even if you were to consider the “key ingredients” found in the supplement names, you would know that Slimgenics does not actually have what it takes. It focuses on things like omega fatty acids that promote heart health, but never weight loss. What a surprise!

Conclusion on Slimgenics

Slimgenics is supposedly the amazing supplement designed to promote positive weight loss results and transform your body with a simple diet. But the Slimgenics diet is hardly simple and hardly affordable. And most don’t find it all that desirable once the truth comes out.

Slimgenics Customer Reviews

  1. Author, Professional Speaker

    My experience with Slimgenics was a nightmare. The mandated or required daily “snacks” that you could only get from them and were required to get up front along with their supplements, made me so ill I nearly ended up in the ER. As stated up above, this was not disclosed until after I signed on the dotted line. There was no benefit, no refund, even tho I was told I would receive 1/3 of my refund, and then never heard from them again, no weight loss and I lost all of my money. I give Slimgenics an F in integrity. Use ANY other program, than slimgenics. In fact, just eat healthy and exercise. I was beyond disappointed not to mention, ripped off.

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    By Kathi McKnight
    Posted on September 25, 2012 at 3:58 am
  2. Author, Professional Speaker

    Nightmare experience with Slimgenics. Their mandated and required “snacks” and supplements triggered food alergies that made me sick and sicker. They said they would refund 1/3 of a very expensive program, and then I never heard from them again. You are not given the full information up front, until it is too late and you have signed their contract. I give slimgenics an F. And their customer service aftewards, an F minus when it come to integrity. I just asked them to do the right thing as my particular body type could not ingest that much caffeine and fillers etc etc and refund my money. As there was no benefit, no weight loss, and I lost all the money I poured in to it. FIND ANY OTHER PROGRAM THAN THIS ONE.

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    By Kathi McKnight
    Posted on September 25, 2012 at 3:49 am

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