Neopil Caps

Neopil Caps claim to be able to give you amazing results. Here are some of their claims:

”Lose weight without dieting.”
”We help you to live a healthy life”
”Neopilcaps also removed cellulite.”

Can Neopil caps really help you lose weight? We need to look at the ingredients and consumer reviews to find out.

About Neopil Caps

These may not sound particularly horrible at first. In fact, it may even sound like a dream come true. But we can break it down and break it down fast. First, if you refuse to diet and exercise, the only clinically proven ways to remove cellulite are laser therapy and coffee scrubs, NO PILLS!

Second, there is no magical pill that will make you healthier. And finally, you cannot lose weight without diet and exercise!

With claims like these, we can see why you might want to take Neopil Caps. But we also hope that you can see through these gags. These claims sound too good to be true, which, if you remember nothing else, is an easy way to know that you should walk on by.

But if You Need More Proof…..

There are no clinical studies that support the ingredients in Neopil Caps. Neopil Caps use Mexican crabapple and papaya as their main ingredients! If you were to eat more papaya and less meat, you would probably lose weight.

But it’s not because papaya magically melts away the calories. It’s because you are cutting calories with a nutrient dense food.


You can of course try to find studies of your own. But we hope you’ll believe me when we say we’ve searched through hundreds of studies, and we’ve visited all of the official sites. The studies just don’t exist.

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November 29, 2014

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