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fibra detoxFibra Detox is promised to be a healthy and safe colon cleanser that will reduce bloating, increase regularity, flush toxins and eliminate hemorrhoids. Fibra Detox also claims to be a weight loss supplement and promises to aid in fat burning by speeding up your metabolism.

We were pretty impressed by Fibra Detox’s weighty claims, so we put this colon cleanser to the test to see if it was really as much of a magic worker as it says that it is.

How Does It Do It?

Our researchers found that it was a lot harder to find a lot of solid facts on Fibra Detox because of the unprofessional nature of their websites. Most of the articles written about Fibra Detox by its distributors were almost illegible because they were written so poorly, and what we could understand was vague statements about this product’s apparent effectiveness.

But after much trial and tribulation, we finally found out the three main ingredients in Fibra Detox. The first of which is Psyllium which is good to see in any colon cleanser. Psyllium is a dietary fiber that resists digestion in both the small and large intestine. This makes Psyllium the perfect carrier for excess water, thus promoting the health of your bowel movements and increasing regularity.

However, we did not find much else that inspired us. They list muciligenic fibers which sound extremely scientific, but they are just a broader term for Psyllium. This is like saying a pie contains berries and mixed berries—you’re not really getting any more.

Any Other Concerns?

Not only can we not guarantee that Fibra Detox will work for you, but Fibra Detox can’t either. They have no money back guarantee which means that you try Fibra Detox completely at your own risk. With all the effective colon cleansers out there, we think there are better ways to spend your time and money.

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