FenproporexFenproporex is one of the newest introductions to the prescription market, though unlike many other amphetamines, Fenproporex has never been approved for sale in the United States, which is essential for survival considering the fact that the US boasts the largest market for diet pills!

And while I would’ve expected Fenproporex to discontinue manufacturing by now, because of the fact that Fenproporex is only legal in one country: Brazil, it is still made and sold, most of the time illegally in other countries.

Why Does Everybody Hate Fenproporex?

The reason is simple and complicated at the same time. Fenproporex causes many of the side effects commonly associated with other amphetamines, which you would think would be enough (heart valve damage, palpitations, etc.).

But other amphetamines are still around. As such, we’re going to have to rethink that. The difference is that Fenproporex has other side effects, unacceptable side effects that have been proven through multiple studies and case studies.

The Studies

The first study, which evaluated the genotoxic effect of Fenproporex in rats showed that Fenproporex “increased the frequency of genotoxic damage in Swiss mice.” Over time, this led to serious damage to the bone marrow in said mice.

The second study specifically studied the effects of psychostimulants such as Fenproporex and specifically the potential for abuse. While all amphetamines can cause addiction and dependency, Fenproporex was found to be particularly likely to cause both physical and psychological dependency. And that’s saying something! Just consider the addictive tendencies of the amphetamines that are legal!

Multiple subsequent studies show that Fenproporex shows up both in urine and in the hair as an amphetamine identical and indistinguishable from other illegal amphetamines. And multiple studies show that Fenproporex can cause potentially serious side effects such as heart valve damage and even death, which is why most countries take the risks so seriously. Nobody wants to die in the process of trying to lose weight!


Fenproporex is not actually available in the US, at least not legally, and there are some products that have been caught selling illegal Fenproporex without actually putting it on the label. Most were caught because consumers using those products tested positive for amphetamines or experienced other serious side effects, typically a combination of the two.

Fenproporex is not necessarily as effective as other amphetamines in promoting weight loss. But interestingly enough, it is considered to be more dangerous, which is why it was never accepted by some and banned by others.

You should not seek out Fenproporex, and if a product claims to give you Fenproporex straight from Brazil, run as fast as your legs can carry you!

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